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Couchlock (Afghani #1 x NL #5)


Strain: Couchlock
Lineage: Afghani #1 x Northern Lights #5
Breeder: BC Seed Co.
Sativa/Indica: Indica

Grow Notes: Hardy and resilient this is a great strain for the beginner; rewarding even the inexperienced with above average yields of strong stony indica meds. The plants are compact and a lush dark green in veg but stretch a good amount once flipped over to a flowering schedule, forming long dense colas that are ready for harvest within 8-9 weeks.

Appearance: Robust dense buds that appear to almost glow with a rust hued aura that match the color of it’s pistils. The calyxes are bright green and small, packed densely into a bed of glowing pistils that almost overtake them. Resin glands are apparent to the naked eye, but not present in a quantity or density that’s noteworthy.

Aroma / Flavor: Garlic-y and pungent reminiscent of it’s afghani heritage, but lightened by a complex floral note that’s lighter and sweet like dried apples. The aroma transitions to flavor well, delivered in the form of a thick expansive smoke that will you leave you in a coughing fit if your not careful.

Overall Effects: Living up to it’s name, the Couchlock envelops you with a comforting body buzz that renders you motionless and content somewhere comfortable. Not a day time or morning smoke, when left to flower until maturity the Couchlock makes great medicine for those who need help stimulating there appetite or sleeping, and could even prove helpful for those in need of pain distraction. The crossing of these two classic strains (Afghani#1 x Northern Lights #5) produces a stone that’s deep and relaxing, almost narcotic – and a nice change of pace flavor wise from the new school varieties (Og Kush, Sour Diesel, Etc.), while still still retaining the potency required to put out even the seasoned smoker.

Sour Strawberry Kush

Sour Strawberry Kush

Strain: Sour Strawberry Kush
Lineage: Strawberry Kush (Strawberry Cough x Razzberry x ECSD) x Sour Bubble
Breeder: B.O.G.
Sativa/Indica: Indica Dominant Hybrid
Price / Dispensary: -

Grow Notes: This particular phenotype showed mostly indica traits in structure remaining short and bushy even after entering flowering. For best yields provide extended vegetative growth periods and utilize training techniques such as scrog, LST, etc.

Appearance: Round, chunky, and dense – these purple nugs are covered with densely packed trichomes leaving no guard leaf or calyx forgotten (As is the standard with B.O.G. strains). The calyx’s are really a unique shade of purple/fuscia/pink,

Aroma / Flavor: Fruity with an added complexity; hints of strawberry, razzberry, and some other unidentified berrys with a musky kushy element that brings it all together. The aroma transitions to flavor well, though the fruity element is a little more bland when smoked. The strawberry nuances carry through with hints of its diesel heritage on the exhale, expressing itself with a kushy pungency that lingers.

Overall Effects: A smooth transition from sobriety. The effects build gradually in the form of a warm body buzz and general sense of well being, that you can almost feel dissipating the unwanted tension stored throughout the body. Perceptual changes weren’t severe and would allow one to carry on with their normal routine or activities, all the while reaping the benefits of the anti-anxiety and body soothing properties of the buzz. The particular phenotype being sampled seemed to lean towards it’s indica influenced berry lineage, with little of the psychedelic and cerebral properties of the sativa side of things shining through except via a mild uplifting euphoria that lasted the duration of the buzz.

Both the appearance and anti-anxiety properties of this phenotype were noteworthy, relieving any free floating thoughts of uneasiness that were present prior to medicating. I’d be very interested to see / sample other phenotypes that came from this release due to the immense variation in poly-hybrids – particularly the sativa dominant phenos that express a more complex and psychedelic high while still retaining the wild berry flavors captured in this indica-dominant pheno.

Afghan Kush Special

Afghan Kush Special

Strain: Afghan Kush Special
Lineage: Afghan Kush Land Race
Breeder: World Of Seeds
Sativa/Indica: 100% Indica
Grow Notes: Afghan Kush grows with one dominant central cola if left to it’s own devices, and can take high levels of nutrients without showing signs of burns. Buds reach maturity around 8 weeks, but letting them flower until week 9 will ensure a body/mind numbing indica stone.

Description: Afghan Kush Special is extremely dense, stoney smoke – a classic indica in every aspect. The buds are pungent and musky with an underlying subtle fruity note (Though what fruit I’m not sure). Like most 100% indicas the buzz is felt mostly in the body, with very little cerebral stimulation. The smoke is thick and smooth, and the buzz is strong but by no means debilitating for the seasoned smoker. A good late afternoon smoke when the bulk of the work is done for the day, but you don’t want to be rendered useless for the rest of the night. In comparison to the intense stone of the OG’s most people associate with the word kush today, the Afghan Kush Special is mild and the stone more gentle and relaxing. A good variety for those with anxiety, this will leave you relaxed without getting your mind running around – though for that same reason I find the stone to be boring if used exclusively.