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Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze

Strain: Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze
Lineage: Sour Diesel x Super Silver Haze
Breeder: Connoisseur Genetics
Sativa/Indica: Mostly Sativa

Appearance: Light mossy green nugs with orange / rust pistillate hairs throughout composed mostly of loosely clustered medium sized bracts. The resin glands on this sample are particularly large and have a sandy appearance to the naked eye.

Aroma / Flavor: Light and nutty with woody floral and foresty notes – the flavors and aromas of this phenotype are pleasant but very subtle and light, atypical of most high potency strains. After a session, the room is filled with that distinct “church” smell associated with haze varieties.

Overall Effects: This plant was grown from a pack of Connoisseur Genetics SSSDH, which is a rework of a Reservoir Seeds strain of the same name. As with most haze heavy hybrids, the onset of the SSSDH was smooth and gradual – beginning with feelings of lightness and well being and slowly evolving into a functional dreamy high with the classic “haze vision” (An almost static like appearance in your peripheral sight and an added lucidity noticed mainly with rays of light and colors). When used moderately, this can be a great morning or daytime medicine with little noticeable “come down” when the effects begin to wain. This particular phenotype, while exhibiting mostly Sativa traits finished in a respectable 9 weeks with mostly cloudy (and a few amber) resin glands.

Snowcap x Jack Herer

Strain: Snowcap x Jack Herer
Lineage: Snowcap (Bay Area Clone) x Jack Herer (Haze)x(NL5 x Skunk)
Breeder: Unknown
Sativa/Indica: Sativa Dominant

Appearance: Mostly conical shaped light green buds composed of medium sized calyxs and bright orange / rust colored pistils. Nugs appear to glisten with potency under the light.

Aroma / Flavor: Mentholated floral lemon, bringing to mind a mentholated vapor rub like “icy hot”. When smoked the flavor is fresh and citrusy, almost hazy with a distinct mentholated flavor that coats the mouth and throat.

Overall Effects: Clear and Uplifting, this hybrid has what is sometimes referred to as the “creeper” effect, with a gradual build up in high that ends in a strong well balanced sativa buzz. While overall this hybrid is very much a sativa and cerebral in it’s effect, a warm body buzz is also apparent throughout the duration of the high. Some patients who need strong sativa herb for its medicinal properties (anti-depressant, anti anxiety, etc.) report feelings of edginess or racing thoughts strains with many, but the balance of effects found in this hybrid tend to alleviate these side effects and still deliver a clear and uplifting effect. Fresh, floral, and hazy this potent sativa dominant cross is a great daytime smoke that will do the job without preventing you from getting things done.

Killing Fields

Strain: Killing Fields
Lineage: The One x Sannies Jack
Breeder: Sannie
Sativa/Indica: Mostly Sativa

Appearance: Killing Fields is unreal, another one that you just have to see to believe – large fuscia / purple / blue calyxes foxtail between rust / orange pistils to form sizable spear shaped buds that are dripping with trichomes.

Aroma / Flavor: A complex blend of spicy floral citrus and grape candy or grape gum, very unique in it’s pallete. The grape accents are deep and fruity and unlike any other purple flavored strains I’ve come across. A Strong spicy fruity flavor lingers when smoked .

Overall Effects: The high of the Kiling Fields is lucid, soaring, euphoric, dreamy, invigorating, and everything else you’d ever want in a Sativa packed into a pretty purple / blue package that reeks of spicy grape gum. In small doses Killing Fields is great for getting things done or as a catalyst for good conversation, but a heavy session will leave you staring off in wonder or contemplating your existence. Unlike many strong sativas, the Killing Fields is stimulating without causing a sense of panic or the jitters, creating a sense of inner calm while the mind is free to set off. In a market saturated with heavy indica strains, the soaring high of the Killing Fields is candy for the connoisseur with an unparalleled flavor and effect of the highest order reminiscent of a good haze high. By far one of the most unique and exotic sativas I’ve come across. Appropriate for indoor cultivation with reasonable flowering times of 10-11 weeks, Killing Fields is available in seed directly from the breeder at .

Maliblu Dream

Strain: Blue Dream (“Maliblu Dream”)
Lineage: Dj Shorts Blueberry x Super Silver Haze
Breeder: Unkown
Sativa/Indica: Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Dispensary:MMRC – Sherman Oaks, CA

Appearance: Fluffy light green buds with light orange hairs and a generous coating of resin glands.

Aroma / Flavor: Strong and distinct smell of blueberry muffins with undertones of a slightly spicy floral complexity suggestive of haze. The blueberry muffin aroma transitions to flavor well, and the spicy haze notes become more apparent.

Overall Effects: Blue Dream is a great daytime or morning smoke – the high like the name suggests is light and dreamy, with an upbeat euphoric effect. The classic “haze” vision is common, making your vision lucid and the world appear brighter. Praised for it’s antidepressant properties and unique blueberry muffin flavor and aroma, blue dream took the medical scene by storm and can be found at dispensaries throughout the country. While some hazes are too intense and psychedelic for some, Blue Dream offers a more gentle journey into the crisp head highs of the haze family. While predominantly up and cerebral in effect, this is great social herb that any connoisseur would be pleased to toke on.

J1 (Jack Herer x Skunk #1)

Strain: J1
Lineage:Jack Herer x Skunk #1
Breeder: Unkown
Sativa/Indica: Mostly Sativa

Appearance: Light green nugs with orange hairs. Densely packed trichomes blanket the sample giving the nugs a glowing white sheen.

Aroma / Flavor: Spicy and musky. A complex floral flavor reminiscent of eucalyptus that brings a mentholated quality. Undertones of a citric spice reminiscent of jack herer.

Overall Effects: J1 sets in quickly with a clear sativa buzz that’s euphoric and uplifting. The skunk #1 takes the edge off the sometimes racy effects of Jack Herer, delivering a more manageable sativa buzz that’s great for getting things done. The high is lucid and clear, almost invigorating – this variety could be helpful for those with depression or anxiety, who need a natural pick me up that wont knock them down or send them spinning off into the psychedelic stratospheres.

Phyllis Diller

Strain: Phyllis Diller
Lineage: Unkown
Breeder: Unknown
Sativa/Indica: Sativa
Dispensary: MMRC – Sherman Oaks, CA

Appearance: The Diller is that lime green color that almost glows, accompanied by light pink / rust pistils. A respectable amount of beige trichomes give the surface a grainy appearance. Surprisingly dense for a sativa.

Aroma / Flavor: Sharp Lemon Citrus aroma with a complex Lighter fluid bottom – and it doesn’t stop there, upon exhale there’s a delicate floral innuendo that brings to mind Super Silver Haze.

Overall Effects: I don’t know why they named this stuff after a comedian because there isn’t anything laughable about this strain. For those in need of a serious pick me up, this stuff is where it’s at. The high is immediate and soaring, felt almost entirely in the head leaving the you alert and focused. The flavor is indescribable, with a range from lighter fluid or gas (but nothing like the sour diesel family) all the way to fresher citric notes suggesting the presence of the terpene limonene. The high is intense and euphoric, and the unique flavor can easily cause overindulgence. There is little ceiling to the effects – your mind just keeps racing faster and faster until your left with sweaty palms, anxious, and peeking through your blinds. Not for the faint of heart. One of the best sativas I’ve had the privileged of smoking here in SoCal – respect to the breeder responsible for this gem.

NYC Haze

NY Haze

Strain: Haze
Lineage: Unknown Haze variety commonly found in the NY area.
Breeder: Unknown
Sativa/Indica: Mostly Sativa
Grow Notes: Long thin fingered sativa leaves, open bud structure, flowering times of 12+ weeks.

Description: The haze commonly circulated on the east coast of the United States, particularly in the the NY area, has definitely declined in quality over the past decade -I speculate this is mainly due to greedy growers harvesting crops prematurely. None the less, from time to time a good batch comes around that sends you soaring. With a timeless psychedelic cerebral high reminiscent of thai varieties of yesteryear accompanied by that spicy floral pallete with hints of frankincense and sandalwood, you really can’t go wrong. The smell of these haze varieties when grown properly and to maturity is robust and full, and is easily smelled through a bag or two. Unfortunately, more commonly found on the streets is a whispy airy product that smells grassy, almost watery or like mildew with only hints of that classic haze smell coming through in smell and flavor. Even still, the watered down product delivers a high reminiscent of the better batches of a decade ago – euphoric and spacey, at times even soaring, with the classic “Haze Vision” that causes colors to appear more vivid and the glow of lights to linger.

The main problem with these prematurely grown batches is that the high is fleeting, lasting only 20-30 minutes at best, and the taste half way through a bowl, joint, or blunt becomes “black” ashy and unpleasant. The build-up in tolerance to the improperly grown batches is also exponentially higher, with little to no effect being rendered from repeated use in a single day. When done right the haze is a classic smoke with no ceiling that is as good or better than any of the new school heavy hitters (Og Kush, Sour Diesel, Etc.) .

The NYC Haze referred to affectionately as “The Piff” is a clone I dream of one day obtaining. If your one of the few in the tight circle who hold her in your stable, and have more info on the lineage of this particular haze cut contact us!

Sour Cream (Sour Diesel x G13/Haze)

Dna Genetics - Sour Cream

Strain: Sour Cream
Lineage: Sour Diesel x G13/Haze
Breeder: DNA Genetics
Sativa/Indica: 70% / 30%
Grow Notes: Sour Cream is a picky eater and prefers low doses of nutrients, reaching maturity in 10-12 weeks depending on phenotype chosen. The phenotype for review was chopped at 11 weeks of flowering and was grown from feminized seeds from DNA Genetics.

Description: You can smell the Sour Cream well before you open the bag or prescription vial. More complex in smell and high than your average Sour Diesel hybrid, the Sour Cream really has a uniquely calming stone. The buds are light green with light orange/pinkish hairs and glisten with resin.┬áThe smell and flavor have a sour pungency reminiscent of it’s Sour Diesel heritage, but with a mentholated floral twist that lingers around in the nose and on the tongue. For a 70% sativa variety, the buds are quite dense – similar in structure to your typical Sour Diesel but with a more open structure. The effects of the sour cream come on slowly and last long; after a toke or two you feel the burst of energy typically associated with sativa heavy varieties, but this quickly evolves into a dreamy stone that will leave you napping or staring out the window (or at the wall) daydreaming. I’ve found Sour Cream to have an unusually low tolerance build up even with prolonged daily use,┬áconsistently┬ádelivering the dreamy stone I’ve grown so accustomed too. I’m yet to be disappointed by any of DNA’s offerings.