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Blackwater (Mendo Purps x SFV OG F3)

Strain: Blackwater
Lineage: Mendocino Purps x SFV OG F3
Breeder: The Cali Connection Ltd.
Sativa/Indica: Hybrid
Price / Dispensary: -

Grow Notes: Average yields of AAA+ product in 8-10 weeks depending on phenotype chosen. A lot of variation in each pack, though all females observed were of high quality and would be considered top shelf.

Appearance: Very large bract calyxes. The buds are dense but clustered loosely creating an open structure and great bag appeal. A dense blanket of trichomes covers any and all surface area of the buds, coating your fingers in sticky resin glands when broken by hand – be careful not to rip your blunt or rolling paper!

Aroma / Flavor: Smooth and creamy, Blackwater softens the pungency of the OG Kush with an added lush and distinct fruit punch note drawn from the Mendocino Purps. The classic Og flavor is there in varying proportion depending on phenotype chosen, but my favorite from the pack (Though there really wasn’t a bad phenotype) leaned more towards the Purps with an unusually smooth fruity candied funk.

Overall Effects: The Blackwater phenotype for review is strong and dreamy, with a deep calming stone that lengthens the bridge back to reality with each drag. The stone makes a great segue to sleep, and is best suited as a nitecap (indulging earlier in the day could easily lead to unexpected napping). This strain really shines in it’s ability to cut through even the thickest clouds of anxiety and is great for silencing the restless mind – a complex indica buzz with a wide range of effects. While this phenotype exhibited it’s Purps lineage in both flavor and smell, there was no purple coloration present on this phenotype – I’d be really interested to see the other gems that sprung from these packs.

Couchlock (Afghani #1 x NL #5)


Strain: Couchlock
Lineage: Afghani #1 x Northern Lights #5
Breeder: BC Seed Co.
Sativa/Indica: Indica

Grow Notes: Hardy and resilient this is a great strain for the beginner; rewarding even the inexperienced with above average yields of strong stony indica meds. The plants are compact and a lush dark green in veg but stretch a good amount once flipped over to a flowering schedule, forming long dense colas that are ready for harvest within 8-9 weeks.

Appearance: Robust dense buds that appear to almost glow with a rust hued aura that match the color of it’s pistils. The calyxes are bright green and small, packed densely into a bed of glowing pistils that almost overtake them. Resin glands are apparent to the naked eye, but not present in a quantity or density that’s noteworthy.

Aroma / Flavor: Garlic-y and pungent reminiscent of it’s afghani heritage, but lightened by a complex floral note that’s lighter and sweet like dried apples. The aroma transitions to flavor well, delivered in the form of a thick expansive smoke that will you leave you in a coughing fit if your not careful.

Overall Effects: Living up to it’s name, the Couchlock envelops you with a comforting body buzz that renders you motionless and content somewhere comfortable. Not a day time or morning smoke, when left to flower until maturity the Couchlock makes great medicine for those who need help stimulating there appetite or sleeping, and could even prove helpful for those in need of pain distraction. The crossing of these two classic strains (Afghani#1 x Northern Lights #5) produces a stone that’s deep and relaxing, almost narcotic – and a nice change of pace flavor wise from the new school varieties (Og Kush, Sour Diesel, Etc.), while still still retaining the potency required to put out even the seasoned smoker.

Sour Strawberry Kush

Sour Strawberry Kush

Strain: Sour Strawberry Kush
Lineage: Strawberry Kush (Strawberry Cough x Razzberry x ECSD) x Sour Bubble
Breeder: B.O.G.
Sativa/Indica: Indica Dominant Hybrid
Price / Dispensary: -

Grow Notes: This particular phenotype showed mostly indica traits in structure remaining short and bushy even after entering flowering. For best yields provide extended vegetative growth periods and utilize training techniques such as scrog, LST, etc.

Appearance: Round, chunky, and dense – these purple nugs are covered with densely packed trichomes leaving no guard leaf or calyx forgotten (As is the standard with B.O.G. strains). The calyx’s are really a unique shade of purple/fuscia/pink,

Aroma / Flavor: Fruity with an added complexity; hints of strawberry, razzberry, and some other unidentified berrys with a musky kushy element that brings it all together. The aroma transitions to flavor well, though the fruity element is a little more bland when smoked. The strawberry nuances carry through with hints of its diesel heritage on the exhale, expressing itself with a kushy pungency that lingers.

Overall Effects: A smooth transition from sobriety. The effects build gradually in the form of a warm body buzz and general sense of well being, that you can almost feel dissipating the unwanted tension stored throughout the body. Perceptual changes weren’t severe and would allow one to carry on with their normal routine or activities, all the while reaping the benefits of the anti-anxiety and body soothing properties of the buzz. The particular phenotype being sampled seemed to lean towards it’s indica influenced berry lineage, with little of the psychedelic and cerebral properties of the sativa side of things shining through except via a mild uplifting euphoria that lasted the duration of the buzz.

Both the appearance and anti-anxiety properties of this phenotype were noteworthy, relieving any free floating thoughts of uneasiness that were present prior to medicating. I’d be very interested to see / sample other phenotypes that came from this release due to the immense variation in poly-hybrids – particularly the sativa dominant phenos that express a more complex and psychedelic high while still retaining the wild berry flavors captured in this indica-dominant pheno.

OG #18

Og #18

Strain: Og #18
Lineage: Og #18 S1 (Self-Pollination)
Breeder: Reserva Privada
Sativa/Indica:Indica Dominant

Grow Notes: The Og #18 stretched very little once in flowering, producing average to below average yields of AAA smoke. Carbon Filtration is essential for proper odor control, the plants begin to give off a strong odor during vegetative growth that increases until harvest.

Description: In a large grow of OG Kush seeds, the guys at Reserva Privada picked out an exceptional phenotype labeled #18, stating it had higher yields, potency, and a more refined sour flavor. They then took that phenotype and reversed her, causing her to pollinate herself with hopes of capturing the essence of the original mom in seed form. They really managed to nail down the classic california OG Kush smell / flavor in this “selfed” batch of feminized seeds, with a candied sour piney melange that lingers on the pallete long after you finish medicating. The high from the OG #18 kicks in almost immediately delivering an almost hash like experience, with the type of potency that makes beads of sweat gather around your brow. With the potential to shift ones perspective profoundly, the OG #18 is great for getting out of your own head or thought patterns and leaves you with a general sense of euphoria and well being in addition to a heavy body buzz felt head to toe. The guys at Reserva Privada really did a great job of capturing this elite strain in seed form, with the narcotic body numbing effects of a pure indica and just enough psychedelic euphoria to keep you interested and attentive to the wall you were staring at.

A Cinderella Story (C99 History)

Originally posted on the forums of

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts from people asking for the “Cinderella Story”, so here it is:

In 1997, I discovered a few seeds in a bud of Jack Herer I bought @ “Sensi Smile” coffeeshop in Amsterdam while there to buy seeds. I didn’t expect much when I grew them, but one of those seeds from the JH bud produced a very special female that I call “Princess”. Therefore Princess’ mother was a Jack Herer (IF we can believe what Sensi Smile printed on the package) and her father is a totally unidentified mystery plant.

I also got 2 more females (Genius & Cafe’Girl) & several males from those seeds. I used pollen from one of the males on a heavy-yielding, dense, resinous ShivaSkunk (from Sensi Seedbank) female, then grew the resulting seeds to get males to produce pollen to cross Princess with, beginning the cubing process.

The first generation of seeds from Princess were called P.50 because they were 50% Princess. I used males from the P.50 generation to back-cross to Princess to get P.75 and again back-crossed with the P.75 pollen to get P.88 and again with the P.88 pollen to get P.94 which is “Cinderella 99?, a cubed version of Princess.
The name “Cinderella” was chosen because of the parallels between this story and the well-known fairy tale in which Cinderella becomes a Princess despite her humble beginning. It’s also VERY similar to the story of the “Morgan Horse”…go Figure

I ALWAYS see preflowers between the age of 4 and 6 weeks. Node 6 is commonly where they start, so I’d say you’re probably seeing them. The plants that show first are usually males. Look over each plant carefully, using a loupe. If you see a preflower at such an early age, it’ll most likely be male, but be SURE before culling it. If you can’t find a preflower on a plant, while most of the others HAVE shown… it’s most likely a female. Isn’t that uniformity NICE? Cinderella 99 is a STABLE strain. Cinderella 88 was close, but this generation is there.

(Cinderella needs odor control?) I don’t know if it helps you, but the scent is very sweet and fruity. It won’t “fool” anyone who’s familiar with MJ, but the average person might not recognize the scent as pot. They start to smell after 3 weeks of 12/12 and they’re harvested 4 weeks later, so the SHORT flowering cycle helps a bit by lessening the amount of time your garden “stinks”.

Yields are highly dependant on the methods used. Pruning style and number of plants/area make a BIG difference. I get about 2 lbs every 50 days under 2kW. I grow a combination of bushes and single-cola clones (about 12-20 of ‘em) in 2 gallon pots of organic soil, feeding them “teas” of dissolved worm castings, PSG, high phosphorus bat guano and kelp meal. My yields are average at best. Professional growers write me saying they get 2lbs/kW, which I’m sure is true.

The scent given off by Cinderella is NOT the typical “pot stench”…not at all skunky -she’s sweet and fruity. Someone passing by the flowering room MIGHT not recognize the scent as pot and mistake it for tropical flowers. When you rub the resin you can definitely smell it. C-99 is more “psychedelic”… I think that’s what you’re looking for eh? Just be sure to smoke a LITTLE, wait 10 minutes, then think about whether or not you need any more…it’s easy to over-indulge and become paranoid.

Haze is my favourite high. Very “trippy” C-99 is has more of the Haze type of high because the mother (Princess), has that kind of high and each time I back-cross to her the next generation gets a bit more of it. Smoking PURE Princess buds is a bit scary… it’s too “speedy” and paranoia-inducing for most people. But she’s so RESINOUS (see photo) and her flavour is just so delicious and fruity that I knew back-crossing her to her offspring over several generations would create a strain which is actually BETTER than the original mother in terms of a more PLEASING high. It was successful beyond my expectations.

The progression I went through was:
P.50 = Princess/(ShivaSkunk/Princess’Brother)
P.75 = Princess/P.50
Cinderella 88 = Princess/P.75
Cinderella 99 = Princess/Cinderella 88

Each generation exhibited a MAJOR jump in potency: P.50 was rather mellow, P.75 has a well-balanced body/mind high with a citrus flavour, Cinderella 88 is cerebral and paralyzing with a tropical fruit flavour, and Cinderella 99 is “TRIP WEED” with more of the fruity flavour and speedy effect from Princess.

C-99 will be a bigger yielder and faster finisher (than D/T) – which I personally think makes more sense to begin a grow with. If you’re growing under 1000W lamps, you should easily get a pound of C-99 per lamp after a 7 week flowering period. When you have all the weed you need and can take your time waiting for a long-flowering Sativa, THEN start those “extra” beans (included in your order)… I don’t know what the Bros Grimm sent you, but it’s NOT Durban/Thai. I’m still developing it, so they won’t see it for about 6 months.

Thanks for noticing her she IS beautiful! Cafe’Girl is a sister of “Princess” – Princess is the mother of the Cinderella series. Cafe’Girl smells like a combination of ginger, orange and cream… kinda smells like a “Creamsicle” -you know those ice cream bars? She has the highest YIELD of the 3 Sisters (Princess, Genius and Cafe’Girl). Cafe’Girl makes HUGE, DENSE, SPARKLING buds with a lovely high. A really sweet high, in that you never feel paranoid and it continues to “creep up” over the first 15 minutes after you smoke, leaving you feeling warm and at peace with life. Bros Grimm may offer an hybrid of Cafe’Girl when enough testing of her offspring has been completed.

Sure, I’d be glad to answer your q’s:
1. I flower clones when they’re about a foot tall and they double in height during flowering.
2. They clone SUPER EASY.
3. Crossing Cindy 88’s will you a variety of phenotypes… they’re not stable. Cindy 99 IS STABLE.
4. The seeds are small, tan in colour and “speckled” not striped.

If you ordered from either Bros.Grimm or Heaven’s Stairway you WON’T get ripped off…but I’ll describe the plants: As seedlings they’re fast-growing, Indica-dominant with fairly wide leaves. They show preflowers @ 5-6 weeks old WITHOUT FAIL. They NEVER herm, so if the preflowers have pistils, it’s FEMALE forever. They flower RAPIDLY – you probably won’t believe how fat and dense and frosty they’ll be @ 4-5 weeks 12/12. The flower/leaf is EXTREMELY high; the tops of the colas go NUTS at about 5 weeks into flowering, sending braid-like floral cluster projections out in all directions without any leaves. Just before that happens, hundreds of SNOW WHITE pistils make the tip of the colas look like they’re wearing fur caps! The resin production is HEAVY (again, you won’t believe it), a HEAVENLY scent of tropical fruit and berries begins to fill the room @ 3 weeks of 12/12 and just keeps getting more overpowering ’til they’re done. The finished smoke is the type of high that keeps you UP; it’s very cerebral – the only body effect is the “jitters”. I certainly wouldn’t recommend it to anyone looking to “mellow out” on the sofa, BUT if you wanted to smoke before going running or cycling – PERFECT!

I smoked C-88 one eve after trying Silver Haze and the C-88 buzz cut RIGHT THROUGH the high of the Haze so badly that my wife asked me, “what did you do?… smoke too much?” The flavour is just like the scent; fruity and sweet…not at all hashy (not that there’s anything WRONG with that!…heehee.
Outdoors, Apollo 13 and Cinderella 88 will finish before October 15th at 43 degrees north lattitude.
If you liked NL#5/Haze, you’ll like C-99 too. It’s got a sweet, fruity taste and some of that “paranoia inducing” effect, very cerebral and speedy. The major advantages of C-99 over the old Haze x NL#5 from the original seed bank are rapid maturation and bigger yield. The highs and flavours are “different” but in the same class

NYC Haze

NY Haze

Strain: Haze
Lineage: Unknown Haze variety commonly found in the NY area.
Breeder: Unknown
Sativa/Indica: Mostly Sativa
Grow Notes: Long thin fingered sativa leaves, open bud structure, flowering times of 12+ weeks.

Description: The haze commonly circulated on the east coast of the United States, particularly in the the NY area, has definitely declined in quality over the past decade -I speculate this is mainly due to greedy growers harvesting crops prematurely. None the less, from time to time a good batch comes around that sends you soaring. With a timeless psychedelic cerebral high reminiscent of thai varieties of yesteryear accompanied by that spicy floral pallete with hints of frankincense and sandalwood, you really can’t go wrong. The smell of these haze varieties when grown properly and to maturity is robust and full, and is easily smelled through a bag or two. Unfortunately, more commonly found on the streets is a whispy airy product that smells grassy, almost watery or like mildew with only hints of that classic haze smell coming through in smell and flavor. Even still, the watered down product delivers a high reminiscent of the better batches of a decade ago – euphoric and spacey, at times even soaring, with the classic “Haze Vision” that causes colors to appear more vivid and the glow of lights to linger.

The main problem with these prematurely grown batches is that the high is fleeting, lasting only 20-30 minutes at best, and the taste half way through a bowl, joint, or blunt becomes “black” ashy and unpleasant. The build-up in tolerance to the improperly grown batches is also exponentially higher, with little to no effect being rendered from repeated use in a single day. When done right the haze is a classic smoke with no ceiling that is as good or better than any of the new school heavy hitters (Og Kush, Sour Diesel, Etc.) .

The NYC Haze referred to affectionately as “The Piff” is a clone I dream of one day obtaining. If your one of the few in the tight circle who hold her in your stable, and have more info on the lineage of this particular haze cut contact us!

Cinderella 99 BX-1

Cinderella 99

Strain: Cinderella 99 Bx-1
Lineage: Isolated Phenotype of Jack Herrer x ?
Breeder: Mosca Negra
Sativa/Indica: Uknown
Grow Notes: Mosca did a great job with this batch of Cinderella 99 seeds – the females all grew relatively uniform with wide fan leaves with some turning a deep shade of purple by harvest. The plants were very resilient and not particularly nutrient sensitive, producing above average yields of tropical mind candy.

Description: The pungent tropical funk of C99 is like few other strains I’ve come across – with sharp notes of pineapple, mango, and some other unidentifiable fruits combining beautifully with the more skunky side of the cannabis smell / flavor spectrum. This girl truly is a princess, glistening with a thick coating of trichomes leaving no surface area forgotten. The high is quick to set in and extremely cerebral, delivering a boost of energy and an added ability to focus (Maybe helpful for those who show symptoms of ADD/ADHD). Some describe the high as racy, with some even experiencing bouts of paranoia so discretion is advised!  I found this batch particularly useful during the daytime, the high really caters to an active lifestyle, leaving you with a pleasant euphoric invigoration that has an almost unnoticeable progression back to sobriety – a real gem for those who need to get medicated earlier in the day without getting burnt out.

Cinderella 99 was originally developed by the now defunct Brothers Grimm seed company, and is an isolated phenotype of Jack Herrer grown from seed derived from a bag bought at a coffee shop in Amsterdam. Click Here to read the full “Cinderella Story” originally posted to a long lost cannabis forum by the breeder themselves.

Purple Wreck (Purple Urkel x Train Wreck)

Purple Wreck

Strain: Purple Wreck
Lineage: Purple Urkel x Train Wreck
Breeder: Reserva Privada
Sativa/Indica: Uknown
Grow Notes: Each pack of Purple Wreck contain a wide variety of phenotypes, the pheno chosen for review leaned very heavy to the Trainwreck side of it’s lineage though I also came across a very purple urkel dominant phenotype in the same pack. In retrospect, the more indica dominant urkel phenotype was a much better smoke and had that classic grape purple funk with a little extra citrus zest. She tends to dominate the garden if you let her. Both phenotypes fan leaves turned a deep shade of purple that was almost black, with purple highlights throughout the bright lime green calyxes.

Description: Purple Wreck was a limited release from Reserva Privada that mixed up two west coast favorites; the slow growing Purple Urkel, and the more vigorous and sprawling Train Wreck. Once harvested this particular phenotype had a citrusy lavender fragrance/flavor that was very unique , and in early flowering exhibited a very interesting smell that was identical to that of country time lemonade mix. I found the high to be similar to that of Train Wreck – up and clear, but with more body and a dreamy quality rather than the lucidity I usually associate with Train Wreck. The high is apparent and relaxing but not overwhelming, and manageable even on a busy day – a pleasant balance of both indica and sativa with bag appeal to match. Great smoke for socializing or day time use, Purple Wreck helps ease anxiety and relax those under it’s spell without rendering them useless for the day.

Afghan Kush Special

Afghan Kush Special

Strain: Afghan Kush Special
Lineage: Afghan Kush Land Race
Breeder: World Of Seeds
Sativa/Indica: 100% Indica
Grow Notes: Afghan Kush grows with one dominant central cola if left to it’s own devices, and can take high levels of nutrients without showing signs of burns. Buds reach maturity around 8 weeks, but letting them flower until week 9 will ensure a body/mind numbing indica stone.

Description: Afghan Kush Special is extremely dense, stoney smoke – a classic indica in every aspect. The buds are pungent and musky with an underlying subtle fruity note (Though what fruit I’m not sure). Like most 100% indicas the buzz is felt mostly in the body, with very little cerebral stimulation. The smoke is thick and smooth, and the buzz is strong but by no means debilitating for the seasoned smoker. A good late afternoon smoke when the bulk of the work is done for the day, but you don’t want to be rendered useless for the rest of the night. In comparison to the intense stone of the OG’s most people associate with the word kush today, the Afghan Kush Special is mild and the stone more gentle and relaxing. A good variety for those with anxiety, this will leave you relaxed without getting your mind running around – though for that same reason I find the stone to be boring if used exclusively.

Sour Cream (Sour Diesel x G13/Haze)

Dna Genetics - Sour Cream

Strain: Sour Cream
Lineage: Sour Diesel x G13/Haze
Breeder: DNA Genetics
Sativa/Indica: 70% / 30%
Grow Notes: Sour Cream is a picky eater and prefers low doses of nutrients, reaching maturity in 10-12 weeks depending on phenotype chosen. The phenotype for review was chopped at 11 weeks of flowering and was grown from feminized seeds from DNA Genetics.

Description: You can smell the Sour Cream well before you open the bag or prescription vial. More complex in smell and high than your average Sour Diesel hybrid, the Sour Cream really has a uniquely calming stone. The buds are light green with light orange/pinkish hairs and glisten with resin. The smell and flavor have a sour pungency reminiscent of it’s Sour Diesel heritage, but with a mentholated floral twist that lingers around in the nose and on the tongue. For a 70% sativa variety, the buds are quite dense – similar in structure to your typical Sour Diesel but with a more open structure. The effects of the sour cream come on slowly and last long; after a toke or two you feel the burst of energy typically associated with sativa heavy varieties, but this quickly evolves into a dreamy stone that will leave you napping or staring out the window (or at the wall) daydreaming. I’ve found Sour Cream to have an unusually low tolerance build up even with prolonged daily use, consistently delivering the dreamy stone I’ve grown so accustomed too. I’m yet to be disappointed by any of DNA’s offerings.