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P-90X OG

Strain: P-90X OG
Lineage: Og Kush Hybrid
Breeder: Unknown
Sativa/Indica: Hybrid
Dispensary: SFCHC in Santa Fe Springs, CA

Appearance: Densely packed clusters of small trichome coated light green calyxs with rust colored pistils throughout. Buds were sizable for their weight with good structure and density, most showing a sativa influenced spear shape.

Aroma / Flavor: A unique lemon lime twist on the OG flavor, that’s both lighter and more citrusy, while still retaining the classic astringency and hashiness. The aroma and flavor are one and the same with this sample – very smooth, with lemon lime nuances accompanying the OG flavor till the last puff, signs of a great dry and cure.

Overall Effects: Euphoric and dreamy, the high sets in gradually with the exhale of the first drag or bong rip. The sharp lemon lime nuances that accompany the classic OG in this sample linger behind in your mouth long after the smoke is released. Though extremely potent, the buzz of the P90X is not debilitating nor lethargy producing; great for those with a high tolerance that need a strain that’s well rounded in it’s effects and can be used throughout the day without putting you out. Potentially useful for those with depression or anxiety, the effects of the P90X are uplifting and cerebral with just enough indica influence to take the edge off. A meditative sativa-dominant buzz of the highest order.

x4 Coco Cereal Krispie Treat

Strain Used: Unknown
Brand: Unknown
Hash or Flower Base: Cannabutter
Sativa/Indica: Indica

Appearance: Fresh and malleable, even after having stored it for an additional 5 days after purchase – the vacuum sealed packaging really worked. The light green / yellow tint of the cannabutter is visible anywhere the marshmallow accumulates, but otherwise looks like a regular coco krispie treat.

Aroma / Flavor: When you put your nose to the opened bag that it’s contained in, the telltale cannabuter smell is easily distinguishable. I’ve found krispie treat’s no matter the cereal used are always some of the worst tasting edibles, with the cannabutter flavor being ‘accompanied by’, rather than ‘masked by’ the other ingredients. This particular batch was no different, with the marshmallow and cocoa cereal being completely overshadowed by the potent taste of the cannabutter used. Only the truly determined would make it through this whole krispie treat.

Overall Effects: A mild body buzz kicked in about an hour after onset, followed by a serious case of the munchies and an incurable cotton mouth. My couch felt unusually comfortable, but I was by no means stuck to it. Aside from a mental cloudiness that would make something like calculus a bit difficult, there were little to no perceptual or cerebral effects. This treat would be particularly helpful for those who really need a strong appetite stimulant without being sent on a psychedelic journey, but I’d look elsewhere if your use is strictly recreational. Those with low tolerances should start with half and see how they feel, though for the seasoned smoker the effects of the whole treat should be apparent but mild.

Og Budder

Strain Used: Og Kush
Extraction Solvent: Butane
Sativa/Indica: Hybrid

Appearance: This stuff isn’t called budder for nothing – it looks exactly like globs of overly yellow dry butter varying in size from cookie crumbs to a pencil eraser. The globs appear almost golden when held to the light and have a waxy consistency.

Aroma / Flavor: When done right, a good concentrate should retain the terpenes (flavor / smell) of the derivative strain, and when you crack the seal on this little jar there is no mistaking the astringent funk of the OG Kush. The smell transitions to flavor perfectly, filling your mouth with that unique taste of concentrated thc and kush that just seems to sit there. The budder shines in it’s ability to retain that awesome hashie kush flavor, without producing that bitter or black taste that occurs towards the end of the bowl on lesser quality hash.

Overall Effects: OG Budder is the crème de la crème of cannabis products. Fetching a higher price per gram than any bud, hash, or edible than I’ve ever come across and still flying off the shelves in Southern California and beyond. From the second this stuff hits your lungs you know your in for something special – smoother on the throat than most other concentrates I’ve come across, and explosively expansive once inhaled. The high is almost instant – soaring, lucid, and euphoric, with a profound sense of detachment and strong perceptual change. This stuff packs the kind of potency that makes your face sweat, and is sure to send even the pickiest of connoisseurs into a blissful stupor. This particular sample really retained the OG flavor down to the last puff, and I’m a strong believer in terpene presence enhancing / influencing the effects of cannabis and concentrates (Even if only at the most basic level of the smoking experience itself) – this stuff was truly top notch. Smoke with caution, as I found myself just as medicated an hour after onset as when it first kicked in – a true sign of this stuffs potency. Respect to the man or woman whipping this budder!

Hashie Lollipop

Strain Used: Unknown
Brand: Angel’s Heavenly Delight’s
Hash or Flower Base: Hash
Sativa/Indica: Unknown
Dispensary: West Coast Alternative – San Bernardino, CA

Appearance: The lollipop looked great, slightly larger than the classic charms pop and when held to the light the speckles of hash are visible within the candy. The label was lacking any details on the amount of hash used per candy, stating only “extremely potent” along with ingredients list.

Aroma / Flavor: Absolutely no smell or taste of cannabis or hash in these lollipops, tastes like a cherry charms pop through and through. Despite the visible speckles of hash, the consistency of the candy isn’t grainy – if you didn’t know any better, you would not know that this candy is medicated.

Overall Effects: This lollipop was far from “extremely potent” as the label states. A mild almost unnoticeable body buzz was present for a very short duration shortly after consumption but it quickly tapered away. Perhaps those with a lower tolerance would find these useful, but for the seasoned smoker not much will be satisfied besides your sweet tooth.

Jedi OG

Jedi OG

Strain: Jedi OG
Lineage: Og Kush Hybrid
Breeder: Unknown
Sativa/Indica: Hybrid
Dispensary:Trinity Wellness in La Puente, CA

Appearance: The Jedi is caked with far more trichomes than the average OG cross, leaving a gooey sticky layer on all fingers who dare to break her down without a grinder. This particular sample was grown and cured to perfection, with a styrofoam like texture that rips apart into nice calyx sized chunks. A few purple black sugar leaves spot the buds, making them look all the more exotic. Typical Og structure, tightly packed medium-small calyxs with orange hairs, spear shaped buds.

Aroma / Flavor: Earthy and pungent, the Jedi OG is clearly an OG through and through. You smell this one creeping through the air the second a jar is cracked. More musky than sour, the flavor leaves behind a complex astringent flavor reminiscent of a strong cleaning product.

Overall Effects: Smooth and expansive, this sample of Jedi OG really showcases what OG’s are all about. The high is euphoric and powerful, making the whole world seem better and brighter for no good reason. Not as heavy and encumbering as some of the other OG crosses if used in moderation, the Jedi OG is great for stimulating the mind and pursuing something creative, whether visually, musically, or otherwise. The high is comforting for the seasoned smoker, enveloping all who indulge with a warm happy buzz and general sense of well being that leaves your third eye pulsing.