Afghan Kush Special

Afghan Kush Special

Strain: Afghan Kush Special
Lineage: Afghan Kush Land Race
Breeder: World Of Seeds
Sativa/Indica: 100% Indica
Grow Notes: Afghan Kush grows with one dominant central cola if left to it’s own devices, and can take high levels of nutrients without showing signs of burns. Buds reach maturity around 8 weeks, but letting them flower until week 9 will ensure a body/mind numbing indica stone.

Description: Afghan Kush Special is extremely dense, stoney smoke – a classic indica in every aspect. The buds are pungent and musky with an underlying subtle fruity note (Though what fruit I’m not sure). Like most 100% indicas the buzz is felt mostly in the body, with very little cerebral stimulation. The smoke is thick and smooth, and the buzz is strong but by no means debilitating for the seasoned smoker. A good late afternoon smoke when the bulk of the work is done for the day, but you don’t want to be rendered useless for the rest of the night. In comparison to the intense stone of the OG’s most people associate with the word kush today, the Afghan Kush Special is mild and the stone more gentle and relaxing. A good variety for those with anxiety, this will leave you relaxed without getting your mind running around – though for that same reason I find the stone to be boring if used exclusively.

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