NYC Haze

NY Haze

Strain: Haze
Lineage: Unknown Haze variety commonly found in the NY area.
Breeder: Unknown
Sativa/Indica: Mostly Sativa
Grow Notes: Long thin fingered sativa leaves, open bud structure, flowering times of 12+ weeks.

Description: The haze commonly circulated on the east coast of the United States, particularly in the the NY area, has definitely declined in quality over the past decade -I speculate this is mainly due to greedy growers harvesting crops prematurely. None the less, from time to time a good batch comes around that sends you soaring. With a timeless psychedelic cerebral high reminiscent of thai varieties of yesteryear accompanied by that spicy floral pallete with hints of frankincense and sandalwood, you really can’t go wrong. The smell of these haze varieties when grown properly and to maturity is robust and full, and is easily smelled through a bag or two. Unfortunately, more commonly found on the streets is a whispy airy product that smells grassy, almost watery or like mildew with only hints of that classic haze smell coming through in smell and flavor. Even still, the watered down product delivers a high reminiscent of the better batches of a decade ago – euphoric and spacey, at times even soaring, with the classic “Haze Vision” that causes colors to appear more vivid and the glow of lights to linger.

The main problem with these prematurely grown batches is that the high is fleeting, lasting only 20-30 minutes at best, and the taste half way through a bowl, joint, or blunt becomes “black” ashy and unpleasant. The build-up in tolerance to the improperly grown batches is also exponentially higher, with little to no effect being rendered from repeated use in a single day. When done right the haze is a classic smoke with no ceiling that is as good or better than any of the new school heavy hitters (Og Kush, Sour Diesel, Etc.) .

The NYC Haze referred to affectionately as “The Piff” is a clone I dream of one day obtaining. If your one of the few in the tight circle who hold her in your stable, and have more info on the lineage of this particular haze cut contact us!

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