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Blackwater (Mendo Purps x SFV OG F3)

Strain: Blackwater
Lineage: Mendocino Purps x SFV OG F3
Breeder: The Cali Connection Ltd.
Sativa/Indica: Hybrid
Price / Dispensary: -

Grow Notes: Average yields of AAA+ product in 8-10 weeks depending on phenotype chosen. A lot of variation in each pack, though all females observed were of high quality and would be considered top shelf.

Appearance: Very large bract calyxes. The buds are dense but clustered loosely creating an open structure and great bag appeal. A dense blanket of trichomes covers any and all surface area of the buds, coating your fingers in sticky resin glands when broken by hand – be careful not to rip your blunt or rolling paper!

Aroma / Flavor: Smooth and creamy, Blackwater softens the pungency of the OG Kush with an added lush and distinct fruit punch note drawn from the Mendocino Purps. The classic Og flavor is there in varying proportion depending on phenotype chosen, but my favorite from the pack (Though there really wasn’t a bad phenotype) leaned more towards the Purps with an unusually smooth fruity candied funk.

Overall Effects: The Blackwater phenotype for review is strong and dreamy, with a deep calming stone that lengthens the bridge back to reality with each drag. The stone makes a great segue to sleep, and is best suited as a nitecap (indulging earlier in the day could easily lead to unexpected napping). This strain really shines in it’s ability to cut through even the thickest clouds of anxiety and is great for silencing the restless mind – a complex indica buzz with a wide range of effects. While this phenotype exhibited it’s Purps lineage in both flavor and smell, there was no purple coloration present on this phenotype – I’d be really interested to see the other gems that sprung from these packs.