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Pressed Kief

Strain Used: Unkown
Extraction Solvent: -
Sativa/Indica: Indica

Appearance: Light yellow trichomes, loosely pressed together to form clumps which break down easily. Plant matter (orange pistils and specs of leaf) is visible within sample.

Aroma / Flavor: Kitchen Herbs.

Overall Effects: I recieved this sample for free as a first time patient at a local dispensary, and while initially pleased with such a “freebee” it was easy to tell why it was free upon closer inspection. Kief generally smells similar to the strain it was made from, unfortunately it’s painfully apparent that this sample was made from imported mexican schwag or some bunk outdoor. When sprinkled on top of a bowl, the effects of the kief are murky and produce a mild cerebral buzz that borders on the verge of a headache. While this particular concentrate may not be appropriate for a heavy user or fan of higher quality extracts, it might be perfect for the light weight who’s looking to add an extra kick to there goodnight bowl while staying within their budget.