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Hashie Lollipop

Strain Used: Unknown
Brand: Angel’s Heavenly Delight’s
Hash or Flower Base: Hash
Sativa/Indica: Unknown
Dispensary: West Coast Alternative – San Bernardino, CA

Appearance: The lollipop looked great, slightly larger than the classic charms pop and when held to the light the speckles of hash are visible within the candy. The label was lacking any details on the amount of hash used per candy, stating only “extremely potent” along with ingredients list.

Aroma / Flavor: Absolutely no smell or taste of cannabis or hash in these lollipops, tastes like a cherry charms pop through and through. Despite the visible speckles of hash, the consistency of the candy isn’t grainy – if you didn’t know any better, you would not know that this candy is medicated.

Overall Effects: This lollipop was far from “extremely potent” as the label states. A mild almost unnoticeable body buzz was present for a very short duration shortly after consumption but it quickly tapered away. Perhaps those with a lower tolerance would find these useful, but for the seasoned smoker not much will be satisfied besides your sweet tooth.