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Jedi OG

Jedi OG

Strain: Jedi OG
Lineage: Og Kush Hybrid
Breeder: Unknown
Sativa/Indica: Hybrid
Dispensary:Trinity Wellness in La Puente, CA

Appearance: The Jedi is caked with far more trichomes than the average OG cross, leaving a gooey sticky layer on all fingers who dare to break her down without a grinder. This particular sample was grown and cured to perfection, with a styrofoam like texture that rips apart into nice calyx sized chunks. A few purple black sugar leaves spot the buds, making them look all the more exotic. Typical Og structure, tightly packed medium-small calyxs with orange hairs, spear shaped buds.

Aroma / Flavor: Earthy and pungent, the Jedi OG is clearly an OG through and through. You smell this one creeping through the air the second a jar is cracked. More musky than sour, the flavor leaves behind a complex astringent flavor reminiscent of a strong cleaning product.

Overall Effects: Smooth and expansive, this sample of Jedi OG really showcases what OG’s are all about. The high is euphoric and powerful, making the whole world seem better and brighter for no good reason. Not as heavy and encumbering as some of the other OG crosses if used in moderation, the Jedi OG is great for stimulating the mind and pursuing something creative, whether visually, musically, or otherwise. The high is comforting for the seasoned smoker, enveloping all who indulge with a warm happy buzz and general sense of well being that leaves your third eye pulsing.