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Couchlock (Afghani #1 x NL #5)


Strain: Couchlock
Lineage: Afghani #1 x Northern Lights #5
Breeder: BC Seed Co.
Sativa/Indica: Indica

Grow Notes: Hardy and resilient this is a great strain for the beginner; rewarding even the inexperienced with above average yields of strong stony indica meds. The plants are compact and a lush dark green in veg but stretch a good amount once flipped over to a flowering schedule, forming long dense colas that are ready for harvest within 8-9 weeks.

Appearance: Robust dense buds that appear to almost glow with a rust hued aura that match the color of it’s pistils. The calyxes are bright green and small, packed densely into a bed of glowing pistils that almost overtake them. Resin glands are apparent to the naked eye, but not present in a quantity or density that’s noteworthy.

Aroma / Flavor: Garlic-y and pungent reminiscent of it’s afghani heritage, but lightened by a complex floral note that’s lighter and sweet like dried apples. The aroma transitions to flavor well, delivered in the form of a thick expansive smoke that will you leave you in a coughing fit if your not careful.

Overall Effects: Living up to it’s name, the Couchlock envelops you with a comforting body buzz that renders you motionless and content somewhere comfortable. Not a day time or morning smoke, when left to flower until maturity the Couchlock makes great medicine for those who need help stimulating there appetite or sleeping, and could even prove helpful for those in need of pain distraction. The crossing of these two classic strains (Afghani#1 x Northern Lights #5) produces a stone that’s deep and relaxing, almost narcotic – and a nice change of pace flavor wise from the new school varieties (Og Kush, Sour Diesel, Etc.), while still still retaining the potency required to put out even the seasoned smoker.