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Killing Fields Budder

Strain Used: Killing Fields
Extraction Solvent: Butane
Sativa/Indica: Sativa

Appearance: Dry off-white creamy chunks; consistency similar to that of dry bar soap, but flakier.

Aroma / Flavor: A Strong astringent citrus smell is given off from the dry concentrate. When smoked the flavor and aroma of the smoke becomes much more complex with hints of incense and haze.

Overall Effects: Killing Fields is a connoisseur grade sativa bred by Sannies Seeds that produces large yields of potent purple and pink sativa flowers. When concentrated into a budder the effects of Killing Fields are further pronounced, delivering a soaring dreamy haze-esque high along with a profound sense of objectivity. While the effects are very cerebral and “up” in nature, this particular concentrate is best used later in the day, as the high slowly evolves into a dreamy stone leaving most lackadaisical and ready for a nap.

Killing Fields

Strain: Killing Fields
Lineage: The One x Sannies Jack
Breeder: Sannie
Sativa/Indica: Mostly Sativa

Appearance: Killing Fields is unreal, another one that you just have to see to believe – large fuscia / purple / blue calyxes foxtail between rust / orange pistils to form sizable spear shaped buds that are dripping with trichomes.

Aroma / Flavor: A complex blend of spicy floral citrus and grape candy or grape gum, very unique in it’s pallete. The grape accents are deep and fruity and unlike any other purple flavored strains I’ve come across. A Strong spicy fruity flavor lingers when smoked .

Overall Effects: The high of the Kiling Fields is lucid, soaring, euphoric, dreamy, invigorating, and everything else you’d ever want in a Sativa packed into a pretty purple / blue package that reeks of spicy grape gum. In small doses Killing Fields is great for getting things done or as a catalyst for good conversation, but a heavy session will leave you staring off in wonder or contemplating your existence. Unlike many strong sativas, the Killing Fields is stimulating without causing a sense of panic or the jitters, creating a sense of inner calm while the mind is free to set off. In a market saturated with heavy indica strains, the soaring high of the Killing Fields is candy for the connoisseur with an unparalleled flavor and effect of the highest order reminiscent of a good haze high. By far one of the most unique and exotic sativas I’ve come across. Appropriate for indoor cultivation with reasonable flowering times of 10-11 weeks, Killing Fields is available in seed directly from the breeder at www.sanniesshop.com .