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Purple Wreck (Purple Urkel x Train Wreck)

Purple Wreck

Strain: Purple Wreck
Lineage: Purple Urkel x Train Wreck
Breeder: Reserva Privada
Sativa/Indica: Uknown
Grow Notes: Each pack of Purple Wreck contain a wide variety of phenotypes, the pheno chosen for review leaned very heavy to the Trainwreck side of it’s lineage though I also came across a very purple urkel dominant phenotype in the same pack. In retrospect, the more indica dominant urkel phenotype was a much better smoke and had that classic grape purple funk with a little extra citrus zest. She tends to dominate the garden if you let her. Both phenotypes fan leaves turned a deep shade of purple that was almost black, with purple highlights throughout the bright lime green calyxes.

Description: Purple Wreck was a limited release from Reserva Privada that mixed up two west coast favorites; the slow growing Purple Urkel, and the more vigorous and sprawling Train Wreck. Once harvested this particular phenotype had a citrusy lavender fragrance/flavor that was very unique , and in early flowering exhibited a very interesting smell that was identical to that of country time lemonade mix. I found the high to be similar to that of Train Wreck – up and clear, but with more body and a dreamy quality rather than the lucidity I usually associate with Train Wreck. The high is apparent and relaxing but not overwhelming, and manageable even on a busy day – a pleasant balance of both indica and sativa with bag appeal to match. Great smoke for socializing or day time use, Purple Wreck helps ease anxiety and relax those under it’s spell without rendering them useless for the day.