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x4 Coco Cereal Krispie Treat

Strain Used: Unknown
Brand: Unknown
Hash or Flower Base: Cannabutter
Sativa/Indica: Indica

Appearance: Fresh and malleable, even after having stored it for an additional 5 days after purchase – the vacuum sealed packaging really worked. The light green / yellow tint of the cannabutter is visible anywhere the marshmallow accumulates, but otherwise looks like a regular coco krispie treat.

Aroma / Flavor: When you put your nose to the opened bag that it’s contained in, the telltale cannabuter smell is easily distinguishable. I’ve found krispie treat’s no matter the cereal used are always some of the worst tasting edibles, with the cannabutter flavor being ‘accompanied by’, rather than ‘masked by’ the other ingredients. This particular batch was no different, with the marshmallow and cocoa cereal being completely overshadowed by the potent taste of the cannabutter used. Only the truly determined would make it through this whole krispie treat.

Overall Effects: A mild body buzz kicked in about an hour after onset, followed by a serious case of the munchies and an incurable cotton mouth. My couch felt unusually comfortable, but I was by no means stuck to it. Aside from a mental cloudiness that would make something like calculus a bit difficult, there were little to no perceptual or cerebral effects. This treat would be particularly helpful for those who really need a strong appetite stimulant without being sent on a psychedelic journey, but I’d look elsewhere if your use is strictly recreational. Those with low tolerances should start with half and see how they feel, though for the seasoned smoker the effects of the whole treat should be apparent but mild.